January through March 2024

New year new everything! Well that’s the thought, right? Progress has been a little slower than I’d like on the new house, but I feel very comfortable here and have really been liking the small town I now call home. People are polite, charming, quirky, and at least outwardly happy in the sense that I really haven’t encountered anyone without a smile in the nearly six months that I’ve been here. Having a hardware store about 200ft from my front door has been very helpful to say the least.

Right now I’m focused on:

  • Continuing to fix up the house
  • Keeping up with the advancements in LLM tech like
    • Retrieval Augmented Generation
    • Quantizing
    • Mixture of Experts merging
    • Distributed LLLM options
  • Hunting for a way to own datacenter grade hardware at home without shattering the budget

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