This is my Now Page (à la Derek Sivers). You all can thank Duncan Rawlinson for getting the idea stuck in my head though.

Well it’s that time. I’m going to open up to additional clients and projects after taking a huge sidestep into personal projects and machine learning obsession. I’d like for the two paths to merge, but reality is pushing me to focus on the skills I’ve spent my life honing. I am a specialist in ecommerce platform migrations, fulfillment integrations, and process automation for online merchants in the enterprise space. I’ve designed and built systems for GE, GSK, Pfizer, Haleon, Swisher International, and a multi decade list of household names and should be leaning on that skillset to elevate the rest of my life.

TLDR: Exploration was not providing financial security!

Right now I’m focused on:

  • Reworking and presenting my services as a Sr. Technical Consultant
  • Seeking out quarterly development projects to keep that code-bashing current
  • Working on the house of course!

Last updated: April 10th

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